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Town Paves Over Our Skate Park. Help Us Get It Back!

by · May 24, 2017

 We should be celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary by investing in community projects and not by bulldozing them.

SkateparkThe original intention was to keep the two skate parks working in tandem. At least that was the intention until it was decided that the Park Drive Junior Skate Park would make a great parking lot. Now everyone understands the need for additional parking in the downtown area. However, the studies required for a new site assessment should have been completed and a new site allocated for the skate park within Memorial Park before it was paved over and the equipment put into storage.  Simply relocating the Junior Skate Park would have been far easier and certainly more beneficial to those children who used it.

Supporters in the community want to have the Town fast-track the re-location of the Junior Skate Park so that the entire community will be able to enjoy it this summer as part of Stouffville’s Canada 150 celebrations.

Ward 6 Councillor Rob Hargrave will be helping his constituents to ensure the Park Drive Junior Skate Park equipment doesn’t stay mothballed waiting indefinitely on studies by presenting a petition to Town Council at their June 6th Council Meeting.

Show your support by saying “YES” to celebrating Canada 150 this summer with the relocation of the now homeless Park Drive Junior Skate Park to a new site within Memorial Park.

Here’s what you can do to help

  • Contact Town Councillors to show your support for the relocation.
  • Contact Mayor Altmann to show your support for the relocation. .
  • Attend the next Council Meeting on June 6 to show your support for the relocation. .
  • Get involved in community fundraising to cover costs involved above what the Town may cover.
  • Take to social media and add your name to the PETITION “Town Paves Over Our Skate Park. Help Us Get It Back!” at or

Councillor Rob Hargrave can be contacted at or call him on his cell at 416-985-8376


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