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12 Feb

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FAMILY DAY – February 19, 2018


Family Day Events

Their are a lot of opportunities for family time in Stouffville. Make sure you come out and enjoy Family Stick & Puck, Parent & Tot Swim, Youth Shinny, Public Swimming, and Public Skate.

Have a great Family Day everyone!

01 Sep

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A beautiful and fun time of year in Stouffville


Happy Labour Day and be extra careful around school zones as children will be heading back to school

I would like to Wish Ward 6 and all residents of Stouffville a Happy Labour Day. Also I would like to remind everyone to be extra careful around school zones as children will be heading back to school. The fall is always a beautiful and fun time of year in Stouffville with a lot of great events going on. Make sure to mark these dates on your calendar and please review my posts about Back To School Safety .

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20 Jun

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HAPPY CANADA DAY – Have Fun and Be Safe.


Finally Summer Is Here!

Have a safe and happy Canada Day and please make sure you take the time to enjoy the Strawberry Festival.
I hope to see you there!
Rob Hargrave R15155 Rob Hargrave_Canada day AD_5x5.38_20161


Strawberry Festival, June 30th – July 3rd 2016

 Fireworks on Canada Day

Strawberry Festival 2016




 Please also enjoy this great piece of Canadian pride from the Hadfield family

A polite song from two brothers who are just hoping your day is going okay.


21 Aug

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Tips for Back-to-School Safety


CAA’s Safety Tips for Back-To-School


Start the school year off right with these safety tips from CAA

CAA – Canadian Automobile Association

A boy wearing glasses sits in front of a chalkboard with the words Back to school written on itThe smell of freshly sharpened pencils and just opened packages of loose leaf paper will soon be filling the air as students gear up to go back to school. While new supplies and old friends may be the focus for your child, it’s important to make sure they start the year off safely by reviewing these important tips before the first day of classes rolls around.

Route Reminders

Children walking or biking to school need to be familiar with the route they will be taking. Choose a direct route away from busy streets, and make sure you practice the route with them a few times before school starts to make sure they’re comfortable. Make sure they have a travel buddy – a friend, sibling or neighbour – so they aren’t making the journey alone.

Mind Your Step

Remind children to pay attention to their surroundings when walking or biking. That means no texting while walking or bilking, and leaving headphones in their backpacks so they can hear what’s going on around them. Review traffic safety and remind your child to wait at crosswalks and to look both ways before crossing the street!

Stranger Danger

Make sure your child knows not to talk to strangers and never to get in a vehicle with someone they don’t know, no matter what they say. Tell them not to venture away from school grounds and to tell a teacher or another adult they know right away if an adult they don’t know tries to talk them into leaving with them.

School Bus Safety

Discuss school bus safety with your child and remind them how important it is to stay seated for the entire trip. Make sure they know to never walk in front of the bus unless the driver has indicated it is safe to do so.

Backpack Basics

Check your child’s backpack to make sure it fits them properly and isn’t too heavy. Backpacks can cause back issues and falls if they aren’t adjusted properly or are too heavy.

Tell an Adult

Discuss bullying with your child and work with them to develop effective coping strategies, Make sure they know not to give in to a bully’s demands or retaliate, but to say stop, walk away and tell an adult.

CAA – Canadian Automobile Association


Please remember to always… “Share, Care and Be Aware”.

Rob Hargrave
Councillor Ward 6, Stouffville