RE-ELECT Rob Hargrave for Ward 6 Councillor



Remembrance Day – November 11

We Shall Not Forget The Sacrifices Our Veterans Have Made For Their Country.

Highway of Heroes

A Pittance Of Time


Together We Are One’ by Serena Ryder (Pan Am/Parapan Anthem)

This very inspirational song by Canadian artist Serena Ryder is the Official Song of the Pan Am Games . The feeling and emotion in this song can be applied not only to our global community, but on a much smaller scale, it also can be applied to our Ward 6 Community…”Together We Are One”.


Enjoy this great piece of Canadian pride from the Hadfield family

A polite song from two brothers who are just hoping your day is going okay.


“The Federal Lands – It’s Time For Action”

In 1972, Federal Government expropriated 18,600 acres (75 square km) of some of the richest farmland in Canada. 2015 promises to be the pivotal year in deciding the future of this prime land.


Documentary About Stouffville Area’s Amazing History

In 2003 while excavating lands in the southern boundary of Ward 6, a large 16th century Huron village was discovered.

 Curse of the Axe

The discovery of a large First Nations village just North of Toronto may be one of the most extraordinary archaeological finds in North America… one that could fundamentally change the way we understand life on this continent before contact with the Europeans.



TOWS Inauguration 2014. Future Mayors and Councillor Rob Hargrave’s Speeches.